Born in 1999 in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

As a child, Mandy was always creative and had a love and talent for Art, in particularly drawing. In her teenage years, she was asked regularly to sell her art and design friend’s tattoos. Early style inspiration came from living by the coast and childhood road trips to outback Australia.

Later, it was a trip abroad, that sparked her true love for Fashion and Mexico reiterated her love of colour. Mandy’s most cherished base line SLR camera travelled along side her. With an eye for detail, her love of photography instantly became a passion which she enjoys every day. On her 16th birthday, Mandy received her first sewing machine from her Grandmother and began making pieces that expressed her love for design. Friends soon began asking her to recreate pieces for them. At the completion of her HSC studies, Mandy landed herself on the HSC Distinguished Achievers Honour Roll for Textiles and Design.

In 2017 Mandy was offered and accepted a valued position to study at the internationally celebrated Fashion Design Studio (FDS) at Sydney TAFE, the first dedicated fashion design school in Sydney, shaping Australian fashion since 1955. Following in the footsteps of inspirations such as Akira Isogawa, Alex Perry, Nicky Zimmerman, Bianca Spender, Genevieve Smart, Dion Lee and Christopher Esber.

Mandy received constant distinctions and high distinctions and has also had the privilege of enhancing her learning experience within internships at Camilla and Marc, Carla Zampatti, KITX and briefly with Shona Joy before lockdown. Mandy has enjoyed hands on experience in fashion retail, working with Sass & Bide for many years.

In 2020, after three years full-time study, Mandy graduated with a Bachelor of Fashion Design Degree. Mandy centres her creations around high-end design that gives the power to embrace your own expression.

Existing in a place between luxury fashion and the best of streetwear with an alchemy of elements that is sophistication and casual at the same time. Drawing inspiration of an immense love of art, architecture, music, photography and travel. Infused with strong tailoring, innate passion for colour and opulent sensuality.

Mandy is passionate and has a deep appreciation for the artisan, for all the artistic crafts around fashion design and looks forward to working with other design teams and future learning.